31 October 2008

Onion rings

Further expanding on my point from the other day - aligning requirements to the organsiation's goals isn't that hard.  All it takes is an understanding of the big picture.

It never fails to amaze me how many IT team members, particularly programmers and DBAs don't actually get the big picture.  How do they know if what they are building is helpful or not?  How can they stop and assess requirements and look beyond them to see if there are better ideas able to be implemented?

Of course many are across the whole thing and do a great job of delivering value.

Help the others out by being clear about how your view of an IT product contributes to the organsiation.

As you develop a set of requirements, come in top down, starting from the business goals or startegy and work your way down to the details.

Is anyone not doing this these days?  If so - can you share a story about whether it's working or not working for you?

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