3 October 2008


Let’s say you are efficient and skilled.  Let’s also say it takes you 6 weeks to collect and lock down your project requirements. What do you do if you only have 3 weeks?  And on top of that you are new to the organisation and need a week to get settled in and learn who is who and what is what.

What do you do?

Your sponsor wants the new product launched, and wisely they are not pushing you to go live before you are ready.  Your sponsor is lo wisely not pressing for the Rolls Royce edition of the product.  They just want a basic serviceable product that they can put in their next quarter’s advertising and promotion plan.

But one of your stakeholders has put up a mandatory requirement that forces you to build the Rolls Royce solution.  And it’s not just some minor player in the business politics.  It’s the information security people who present a report each month showing how much data theft is going on and how much money is quietly being stolen.

What do you do?

Photo by LunaDiRimmel @ flickr

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