27 October 2008

Can Agile (Scrum and XP) work for large projects?

Some people say no way!  They say 'Agile is about small and tactical solutions.  The lack of up front planning precludes highly complex solutions.'

Some people say, hell yes.  The process is very scalable, but it takes practice.  You'll make mistakes before you get it right.

Check out this 90 minute video and slide presentation if you want to go deeper into this topic.


  1. Anonymous8:04 pm

    We've been running a SCRUM project here at e-LM.com for the last 2.5 years, and its still going strong. We're at approximately 200000 lines of code, and that excludes the comments. I'd say that's a pretty large project.

  2. Anonymous7:18 pm

    I've an opinion from one of seasoned agilists that agile can scale up but you need to be much more experienced and familiar with agile techniques to run a big project that way. On the other hand you can use one of heavy-weight methodology which should work in big projects even when a team doesn't have much experience. While I've never worked on a big project agile way I tend to agree with the opinion.

    However from my perspective the clue lies somewhere else. It's really all about the customer. About answer for a question whether your customer is willing to participate in the process. If the answer is negative you don't gain much, if anything, using agile techniques. No matter if the project is big or small.

  3. Pawell,

    I think our 'customer first' approach is a very wise one. It is something atht is so opften so fundamental to decisions that it gets left our of many conversations.

    And then wrong decisions are made.

    THe next trick is working out who your customer is.

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