15 October 2008

The 8th Habit

Stephen Covey has contributed a lot over the years to people in general, but his advice has often been particularly pertinent to us project workers, who have a particularly challenging role - implementing change effectively.

Raven plugged the 7 Habits, plus the 8th Habit audiobook at her blog last week.  I know the 7 habits.  I've even read the book.  But I had not botherred to discover the 8th habit.  So, following her post I looked it up.

And guess what.  It's a call to start blogging.  Or at least something along those lines.

Covey says "This 8th Habit is to Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs."

Blogging does that. So does leadership at work and in your community, and so does helping others, and learning in groups, and sharing knowledge and experiences.  And so on.

Picture by Leo Reynolds, CC @ Flickr

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  1. Hi Craig - I hadn't even looked at it that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)