28 September 2008

"we can't build this, not on our budget"

People spend a lot of time looking at why startups fail, and why projects fail. Requirements gathering is a different beast, though: it's a product failure. It happens during the project lifecycle, usually pretty early on, but it's the first step towards product failure, even if the project is a complete success.

This is frm a story you should read. It is at Stevey's Blog Rants.

It is definitely one side of a story.  If you have a response I'm looking forward to reading it below.

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  1. I tried. I really did.

    Well, maybe not. It was just too long. I like posts that are short and to the point. Even if the guy had some great points, when I want to read a book, I go and read a book.

    So sorry Craig, no comments here (except this little rant!)

    Josh Nankivel
    The Art of Project Management