27 September 2008

The Project Management Process # 8 - Conflict Management

This week we look into conflict. What causes conflict at work, and in projects?  And what strategies do we have for managing it?

If you only leave with one point, remember this; Nobody likes surprises so don't hide bad news.


  1. Craig,

    Wow! What an amazingly detailed and above all also visually pleasing presentation of conflict.

    As a project manager, I am usually more interested in getting "down to the facts" as they relate to my projects. But your presentation is so broad and interesting that I found myself going all the way through. I like the review at the end as well as the "Stress relieve kit"... :-)

    Allow me to point your readers to an episode of The PM Podcast, in which I discuss politics & conflict on projects with Brian Irwin:

    The episode can be heard here...

    I think that your presentation in combination with this interview will give any PM a fabulous insight into how conflict, stress and politics work and also what to do about it. (Maybe they can attach the stress relieve kit to any and all work package assignments... ;-)

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Thank you for your kind words Cornelius.

    Of course my content is dervived from a textbook and other people's articles.

    I'm just the flashy presentation.

    As you say; Nobody likes politics, but we have to deal with it to be successful. And reading politics is a particularly useful skill in large enterprises.