20 September 2008

The Project Management Process # 7 - Managing people

This week's presentation is on managing people.  What motivates team members?  What types pf personalities dowe have in project management? And what's the difference between managing project teams versus operations teams?

There is a section in here on the Myers Briggs personality type indicator. It's based on an article at Max Wideman's site. You can read it here.


  1. 111 slides! Great Jimminy Christmas. You'd have to do motivate people to stay awake at the end of that!

    Your post actually reminded me of one of my favorite little games when people used to call me. Now, you need to know that I worked for 2 years in South Africa. I would frequently be on calls with people from the US or Europe who had no idea I was in SA. When they'd find out, they'd ask some question about working down there and I always like to see how far I could string them along. So, if someone asked something about motivating people, I say something like:

    "I had that problem once, but I solved it pretty quickly. We took the guy out in the bush, tied him to a tree and hung a raw steak around his neck... Never had a problem motivating people after that..."

    Ohhhh, I miss working in Africa.


  2. Andrew,

    Australians like to declare loudly to tourists that we ahve something like 26 of the world's top ten most deadly animals.

    Most of them are spiders and snakes, so we don't even need to get a steak. just an old vegiemite jar with a special little visitor will usually do the trick.

    Anyway - it just so happens that the more slides the quicker I get through them! This series matches a bunch of 2 hour lectures and I usually go 1.45 on the dot rushing through the last few pages (see the punctuated equilibrium slides in the pack.)

  3. I have to agree, 111 slides is a lot, but the principles described are worth looking into. Team management is a challenge for many organizations.

    I am an employee of @task and we did some studies on this very subject to find out the challenges and frustrations of project team members. Our results led us to develop a new social project management platform called @task Stream.

    Here's the link: http://www.attask.com/stream.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Do you think software such as this can help project managers better lead their teams?