6 September 2008

the project management process # 5 - Marketing

So, what do marketing and projects have in common?

Firstly, marketing is a customer centric way of looking at business.  Secondly it provides you with a handful of frameworks, taxonomies and tools to better understand your customer and to model products.  And thirdly, it's a way of managing a shrinking scope and growing budget and schedule!

Marketing was the focus of my first degree and shaped much of the way my career has developed. It seems to have had a positive effect for me.  Have a look at this presentation and see what you learn.


  1. This post reminds me of my neice who is graduating from college next May. Her degree is in Hospitality with a focus on Event Planning.

    As I spoke with my brother about this, who is also a project manager, we came to the conclusion that "Event Planner" is just a project manager with a specific focus on events rather than IT or construction. It requires the same basic skill sets - organizing, managing, people skills, etc. - but the focus is on an event rather than a project deliverable.

    I mention this because marketing plays a huge part in event planning. How to place the tables/stage/etc. for best effect. How to present yourself, your location, your team, etc. to best effect.

    In other types of projects, marketing still plays a part but that part is larger or smaller depending on the project. In any project you must "market" your people, your plan, your skills, and much more to stakeholders.

    It is defintely a useful skill for any project manager to have.

  2. Janet,

    I read a textbook on event management a while back and it struck me that most of the principles and processes were adapted from project management.

    As for varying degrees of marketing - I think you need to go back to the basics (eg the marketing Mix four Ps) every single time. This is a way of checking off that you are really focused on delvering a fully useable and valuable solution.

    Selling the solution and it's benefits tio the sakeholders is a whole other kettle of chips.