13 September 2008

The Project Management Process #6 - Leadership

Hello people! This week's topic is leadership.

Midway through this pack I refer to another presentation where a bunch of practitioners discuss the differences between management and leadership. I published that presentnation yesterday. It is here if you want to browse through it.


  1. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Thanks for great post -- and for these insights on project leadership and management, Craig. I've often found that the best leaders also learn a great deal daily from those they lead, and that the reciprocal wisdom sets up a unique kind of synergy for far better results. Have you noticed the same?

  2. Definitely Ellen.

    Some of the key skills to leadership are the ability to listen and watch, and to step back and let others do their jobs without interfering.

    There is getting the job done, and there is developing your team. You can't do one at the expense of the other.

    Speaking of the job - I use the legend that was once Steve Jobs in several examples during this lecture - on how to lead via a vision, lead via a passion for excellence, and at the sme time, how not to lead (insulting people, demanding too much, etc)

    Obviously the definition of successful leadership depends on who, where and when you are.