7 September 2008

Herding Cats

It's what we do.

You might be more familar with Herding Cats as the name of Glenn Alleman's excellent project management blog.


  1. I love that one! How about this though? Project Management is more like herding a mixture of cats, giraffes, cattle, goats, chickens, rhinoceros, vultures, swans, lizards, and earthworms.

    Personalities, disciplines, specialties....it can be a jungle out there!

    Josh Nankivel

  2. Anonymous12:10 am

    Thank you, Craig! This is a great movie!

    I wrote a post in my Bulgarian blog about it and it was very difficult to explain the word "herding" because we don't have such word in Bulgarian :-)

  3. i love it. i took early retirement from education last year, but on my desk was a miniature orange traffic cone that said, Getting anyone to do anything around her is like herding cats. everyone wanted to steal it for their classrooms.

    thanks for the link to the video. i'll be sending it to some of my former colleagues. they're better at seeing than believing...