22 August 2008

Which role is more important?

Nathan sends me a link to an article at CIO looking at the hottest 16 jobs in the IT industry.

Yes we are all in there...  The jobs are categorised into classes, and the demand for BAs is apparently greater than the demand for PMs.

I ask this question;

Is the BA role considerred of high value when it comes to project delivery, or is there simply a shortage of skilled and experienced BAs out there?

Link: 16 Secure IT Jobs.

Picture by Capt Kodak, CC @ Flickr.

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  1. Anonymous2:00 am

    I have never seen top managers who value the contribution of the people who make the actual product. No matter how qualified you are and how important you think your job is - if you work in the delivery - you are not valued.

    The problem is - they can't live without us and we are too few.