28 August 2008

Project Schedule Management

I don't usually delve into the technical aspects of project management skills on this website, but I am working with some peers at work on improving our skills and knowledge. It's my turn to dig something up on networking and scheduling.

Why do it the hard way?

I turned to my friend Slideshare and had a look around for some content. I found the presentation below.

It's not a neat and easy to follow, entertaining story. It's a bunch of crammed and concisely articulated facts and tips around scheduling and resoucring a project team.

Contents include network diagrams (PDMs and ADM), bottom up, function point and estimating techniques, critical chain, crashing and more.

If you are thiking about improving your knowledge, or even prepping for a PMI exam, this might be a good pack to read through.

You'll have to view it full screen to be able to read it, but go ahead.

In particular I learned about three point estimates; balancing the optimistic, pessimistic and most likely estimates and then applying a formula to get to the best estimate for your schedule.

Tell us all what you learned from it.

Project Time Management
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: pmp time)

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