14 August 2008

IEEE Std 830-1998 -Software Requirements Specifications


I thought I should call your attention to International standard IEEE 830-1998.  It's a standard for software requirements specifications.

IEEE Std 830-1998 IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications

IEEE have created standards on a range of engineering disciplines from networking to nuclear power.

A summary of it's contents is here where you can also buy a copy.  Anyone read it?  How close is it to the IIBA's BABOK approach?

Is requirements management an engineering discipline?  Some think so, other disagree.


(picture by Exolucere, CC @ Flickr)


  1. In my opinion, anything that requires planning requires requirements management. I know there is a very formal means to manage requirements in the engineering discipline. I know that as BAs and PMs we are trying to come up with something formal that works.

    I think that if you aren't managing requirements, you are asking to fail.

  2. Yep. I am with you 100% on that one.

  3. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Yup, i am also 100% sure for it ,..