4 September 2008

The Carnival of Project Management

You might remember the series I was posting "The Carnival of Business Analysts" which was a selection of blog posts from around the world on a series of BA themes.

Go back and check it out if you are interested. The Carnival of BA topics I coverred here are listed at the bottom of this post.

The purpose of this post, however is to draw your attention to the Carnival of Project Management, which is usually hosted at Elizabeth Harrin's blog.

If you have a PM blog you can submit an article you want to promote and she'll publish it for the world to see. Or if you are a PM and want to read what PM bloggers are saying - go take a look. A lot of the content is right off the beaten track, so there is usually something brand new for you to investigate.

Link: Carnival of Project Management

And the Carnival of Business Analysts

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