18 August 2008

Capers Jones on Function Point Estimates

Capers Jones has written an article introducing the concepts and methods of function point estimating.  It's useful knowledge for project managemers, analysts, designers and tech team leads.

The article is particularly useful as it gives you a simple framework to try FP estimating yourself.  It also points you at more sophisticated tools in case you want to explore further.

Mr Jones is an expert in the field and author of several books on IT estimating, quality and more. See what he has to say at Modern Analyst.


  1. Capers made many of the same comments at the ISMA Conference and his interview on the Software Process and Measurement Cast (www.spamcast.net).

    Sometimes Capers is controversial such as when he states that lines of code are malpractice (and I agree).

  2. Controversy is a great way to make a point, and he sure does have a point he's trying to make.

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