29 August 2008

BAs and PMs together

Watch the clip while you read this.

BA: To do this project properly we really have to add features A, B and C. And we should also deliver D and E for the users.

PM: But our budget is only 1 million simoleons

BA: Everything adds value in the long run and should pay for itself.

PM: And we have to finish by midnight. How can we get all this work done? Find some corners and cut them.

BA: I am not going to short-change these people. I have to live with the consequences of the product we deploy. I have a reputation I have to maintain. These people trust me and I am not going to sell them out.

PM: Well, what can we do? Take longer? Blow the budget?

BA: Look, I'm not the one who sold them on an unrealistic plan.

PM: The plan wasn’t unrealistic, until you came along and started to bloat the requirements...

BA: The get another business analyst. I don't need to be here.

PM: Well, I need a BA, and (grudgingly) you are pretty good at it.

BA: Ha! So you need me then.

PM: I guess so, but what can we do?

BA: I have a plan...

PM: That's ridiculous! It's way outside the scope of this project.

etc. etc.

Heard this story? Now we can put it to music.


  1. Oohhhh. Sounds like someone should have gotten the BA involved sooner....or the PM...or both!

    It's the dream of both BA and PM alike to be involved before the project charter is even signed....ah well, we can dream, can't we?

    Josh Nankivel
    The Art of Project Management

  2. Anonymous5:10 am


    Recently I had the opportunity to "help out" on a project by taking on the BA role. This was a humbling experience for a PM who is used to "knowing what's best for the project".

    Thanks for the laugh this afternoon!