29 August 2008

BAs and PMs together

Watch the clip while you read this.

BA: To do this project properly we really have to add features A, B and C. And we should also deliver D and E for the users.

PM: But our budget is only 1 million simoleons

BA: Everything adds value in the long run and should pay for itself.

PM: And we have to finish by midnight. How can we get all this work done? Find some corners and cut them.

BA: I am not going to short-change these people. I have to live with the consequences of the product we deploy. I have a reputation I have to maintain. These people trust me and I am not going to sell them out.

PM: Well, what can we do? Take longer? Blow the budget?

BA: Look, I'm not the one who sold them on an unrealistic plan.

PM: The plan wasn’t unrealistic, until you came along and started to bloat the requirements...

BA: The get another business analyst. I don't need to be here.

PM: Well, I need a BA, and (grudgingly) you are pretty good at it.

BA: Ha! So you need me then.

PM: I guess so, but what can we do?

BA: I have a plan...

PM: That's ridiculous! It's way outside the scope of this project.

etc. etc.

Heard this story? Now we can put it to music.

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