8 July 2008

Starting from Scratch

At my office, we are currently working on reinventing ourselves. We are looking at the work we do and reorganizing ourselves to do it better. This means we have moved some departments into related "functional areas" and added an Oversight department.

This all seems pretty straightforward until you realize that we have never really had a single group with the responsibility of seeing "The Big Picture" and managing projects through the maze we call an organization. This is not day-to-day project management, this is oversight of solution providers who do project management as well as managing budgeting, feedback, procurement, and contracting processes. It is not simply a PMO but it definitely involves many PMO features.

As the Business Analyst involved, I am involved in creating some of these processes from scratch. But where to start?

So far, we have:
  1. Created a functional statement
  2. Identified major processes at a high level and
  3. Identified interaction points with other groups.

Between my own experience and the resources I've found online, I've made some suggestions on what to do next and we have made a plan. However, I'd love feedback from this community to see what advice you have on the next steps to take. Any hints, tips or tricks? Any major gotchas to watch for? Any sympathetic stories to tell? I'll take any and all information I can get.

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