18 July 2008

Project Sponsor: job description

The Sponsor of a project is (usually) your primary client.  But they are also a team member.

Around here we like to think of project professionals as a service industry people – you’ve been hired to provide your professional services to delivery a high quality project.

The sponsor was hired to do a job also – and they have a service obligation to you.  Well, they probably weren't hired to specifically be a project sposnor, but they were hired to solve business problems and one of the tools they have picked is your project.

You already know some of the sponsor's role by rote; they provide strategic goals & measures of success, and the clear obstacles & provide an escalation point within the organisation

But a default job description always needs customising.

If you were writing a job description for your sponsor, what would it say? And how would you measure their performance? And how is your existing sponsor going?

Do they need a hand?

Photo by Melbourne Puppetry 

care of CC and Flickr

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