12 July 2008

Hapy Flu

I picked up this little social networking bug from Graham's Knowledge Management blog.  Graham is writing a thesis on networking (more oriented to the group & people kind than data in cables.)

You can read the blog here - plenty of good stuff - which I intend to talk about in coming posts.

But before I do... the bug.

Graham's site introduces this little bug with the below content.  (Which saves me the effort of explaining.)

Matthieu Latapy is a network researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) in France. He is doing network research to counter peer-to-peer paedophile content - something I think we would all agree is very worthwhile!
Matthieu is conducting an experiment aimed at understanding how a real-world spreading phenomenon occurs via links between websites. In particular he notes that information diffusion is increasingly orchestrated by bloggers instead of the mainstream media. Matthieu's experiment takes the form of a viral marketing approach - hence the name Happy Flu.

To participate all you need to do is:
  • click "spread it" on the image above, 
  • enter your url, 
  • copy the code that will put the image onto your website, and
  • create a blog entry and paste the code into that entry.
The image you see is the diffusion path of the code, which should change as it spreads.
Go on - help Matthieu and spread the Happy Flu. Any research and experiment that combats paedophile content must matter!
Regards, Graham
So, friendly bloggers - your turn.

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