10 July 2008

Something old, something new (Requirements again)

Consider your project and its requirements specifications. Are they new and unfamilar or is everybody working within tried and tested boundaries.

In thinking about this issue I have created a model that divides a project into the dimensions of the business requirements (ie processes) and the solution (ie technology.)

These two dimensions frame how familar or unfamilar your stakeholders are with how your project is going to go about it's business. And this familiarity will drive particular behaviours and risks.

For example, if you are using new technology and addressing new business processes you have an opportunity to be quite innovative as you don't have as many constraints as (many) other projects do. Take advantage of this.

If, on the other hand you are dealing with existing processes and will be using existing technology infrastrcuture to solve the problem you face many constraints. On the other hand, everybody knows the territory, so you should be able to work through design, development and validation activiteis quicker than in other cases.

Where does your existing project fit, and how does this drive design decicions, and project management processes?

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