24 June 2008

Project Management 2.0

I named a tongue in cheek post a while back “Project Management 2.0.” It was simply a joke post riffing on the power of a good acronym.

But one of your fellow readers challenged me to say what I really thought about Project Management 2.0 as a concept.

My first thoughts were that the whole 2.0 think is in the post hype dip, and I didn’t want to go there, and my second thought was “that would be Agile project management” because of the increased focus on collaboration - which is the hook-up to the 2.0 spin.

And then, in the car this evening, I came up with a diagram that I wanted to share with you that might just be “What I Think” about PM2.0 (if there really is such a thing.)

And it fits neatly and conveniently into one of my four box grids that I like to use.

Over the last decade or three many organisations have learned to trust their experts. Not all are there yet, but the trend is clear; decentralised decision making means more adaptable and viable organisations.

At the same time the Project Management profession has evolved from a focus on WBS, network diagrams and gannt charts into an ever increasing awareness of the business and social contexts that projects operate in.

In both instances it seems to me that we are currently in the middle of the adoption cycle of these two ideas. Most (large) enterprises are aware of these issues and are accommodating them to some degree. And many leading organisations have fully exploited the benefits from them.

(Am I being overly optimistic here? What is your employer like on these dimensions?)

Anyway, without really believing in a 2.0, Project Management and it's context is evolving, and my job is different to the previous generation, just the next generation's will be different from ours.

Viva la evolution.

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