13 June 2008

How was your Friday?

How was your Friday?

8.59 Walk onto the floor

9.00 Park at my desk and eavesdrop on developer team not-scrum next to me

9.15 Have a BA advise me on a scope doc for a work package – sign it

9.30 Check with dba on his data cleansing tool; it involves a lite-app with an ugly user screen where they’ll check and modify some dodgy data – I suggest he puts a pretty picture on the screen (nature, dolphins, no, even beter puppies. ) I don't think he buys into the idea.

9.40 Go get coffee for me and lead BA.

10.00 Sit at my desk and wonder what to do with all the emails hat have accrued since lunch yesterday.

10.10 Go for a walk around the floor and say hi to a few of the team members.

10.30 Call three of the team into a room and deal with a boundary dispute – people are disgruntled because of the way the work is playing out. Part of it is my fault for (a) not having published a detailed plan for them to references and (b) for not providing enough oversight – keeping an eye on the big picture. There has been some scope creep. A hard thing to manage as there was no structured goal setting or requirements statement when I joined just a few weeks ago.

11.00 Remind one of the attendees at our little conference they have a meeting with our leading dysfunctional vendor.

11.30 Wrap up the unresolved meeting; more coffee.

12.00 Sit at emails and start filing them- saving a bunch of files to a folder for part of a project review (An 'As is' organisational analysis.)

12.30 Lunch with wife and baby in the park.

1.00 More execution of soft skills, remind people they are valued and loved

2.00 Database design meeting; Agenda: who are the external stakeholders, what design principles should we be applying. Instead we identify trouble rolling versions out to through the various dev and testing environments and try to tackle this issue. We are uilding two applications and have a backlog of versions we can't roll out because of our leading dysfunctional vendor. We also talk about setting up an environment for production support.

3.00 Read over some emails about our leading dysfunctional vendor. Think about what can be done. Have a look at my calendar for next week and wonder how I’ll get the required work done. (There is no plan yet.)

3.40 Take a walk with a develop team leader; talk about what we plan for two new staff who are staring next week.

4.10 Get another call from a key stakeholder for the project review meeting. They don’t have Monday’s session in Outlook and definitely won’t be there. They are one of several with this issue. I try to reschedule. I find a likely time on Tuesday but there are no meeting rooms. I check nearby buildings for rooms. I can book a 200 person room across the road – with coffee and cakes.
4.57 Sure why not. There are 12 of us. It’s booked.

5.05 Leave the building (Friday)

5.30 Get home, dinner, play with child, etc

8.15 Draft a blog post

8.30 Remember my steering committee action for today was to draft a letter detailing our leading dysfunctional vendor’s failures to date

8.45 Save draft blog post. Good night.

Based on a true story!

Picture pinched from Pinky Rocco's blog

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