1 June 2008

Aligning projects with strategy

Executing to strategy is important. Executing non-strategic tasks is wasteful.

Projects are about execution. If you are lucky the project you are working on is aligned to the business strategy. If you are unlucky it isn't.

And if it isn't you should be asking yourself "Why am I doing this?"

After all, when you are done, is anyone going to care?

If you have been reading this site for a while you realise I have a preference for top down planning (and of course, acknowledging the benegits of bottom up analysis into the current state of play.) A top down approach helps you make sure you are staying aligned with the top tier goals of the organisaton.

And of course project professionals need to be able to speak the language of strategy. One tool you might like is a strategy blog I recently discoverred. It's called The Glue and it hs some great insights into strategy from an executon perspective.

Go take a look. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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