28 April 2008

BABOK Review: Now it's your turn

Version 2 of the BABOK is open to all to review.

There are a bunch of us who have done an intensive review of one or two chapters, but anyone can download the draft of the BABOK version 2 and provide feedback via the IIBA's online survey.

Access them here;

Personally I feel that the BABOK is an important document. It will shape the way BAs and their team mates in the project industry perceive their role. It will limit some practitioners and enable others, so it's a mixed blessing. Just like any defined practice.

And as an important document that will affect your career, it is important for you to go and review the document and give your feedback. You have until May 15th, when the survey will be closed. That's about 2 weeks.

If you feel like going the extra mile, come back here and drop your comments, either on this post or via an email.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks to Creative Commons,

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