19 April 2008

BA Communications - a (draft) conceptual framework

(Click the image to get a larger view.)

This diagram helps illustrate my views on the relationship between BABOK Knowledge areas (and BA work activities) and BA communications.

Remember this is just me thinking out loud before I review the BABOK (2.0) draft chapter on Requirments Management Communication chapter. I'm postring up some greenfields thoughts before I start looking at the content so I can assess completeness, as well as accuracy of the content.

Your feedback is most welcome.


  1. Anonymous1:06 pm


    This conceptual model is reminiscent of ISO 13407 for user-centred design.

    I would recommend you have a look at it, particularly given how it relates to scientific methodlogical principles of hypothesis and analysis. I think it's very relevant to your review of the BABOK.

    M :)

  2. Thanks Matthew, I will look into it.