31 March 2008

Reader Survey #1 Results

Over the last month I have had a poll in the right hand column of this blog. It asked who was reading us. The responses are below.

I was pretty happy with the response rate. Thanks to all our regular readers who participated.

Project Managers 63 (41%)

Business Analyst 61 (39%)

Quality/Testing 10 (6%)

Solutions Team 14 (9%)

Sponsor/Stakeholder 5 (3%)

So what does this tell us? I guess it highlights the fact that the main audience for this blog is project managers and business analysts in about equal portions.

Looking back over the last 2 months posts, this matches what we are posting about; an approximately even spread of PM and BA specific content, plus some generic project posts that are for everyone on the team.

It’s good to see some testers and solutions team people here. You are either looking to learn about the PM and BA role for when you take on the next role, or you are looking to info so you can work better with PMs and BAs. Either way, thanks for coming and participating.

We also had a handful of Sponsor/Stakeholder types. It’s always nice to have ‘the business’ drop in. You are welcome here anytime.

The more you inform yourself of how and why projects are the way they are the better you can arm yourself against project disasters. Projects are very different from operations in many ways.

If you ‘business’ folk would like to explore any particular issues you are welcome to ask. We’d love to help bridge the gap between these two very different work cultures.

We also encourage you all to refer your friends and colleagues in ‘the business’ to this site in the hope we can foster better understanding of some of the many project issues we all face, and thus help more project hot their targets.

Thanks all for reading and for participating in the survey.

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