25 February 2008

What type of Analyst are you?

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The role of the business analyst is a diverse one. What you do and how you do it depends on many things, such as the industry you work in and the size of the organisation you work for.

It seems to me though that there are a couple of key dimensions that delineate types of analysts.

These dimensions are;
  • Are you working in IT or in the business side of the organisation
  • Are you working on keeping today's operations running smoothly or are you working on the future of the business?
  • And if you are working on the future, is it next year's future or further ahead?

How is this useful?

It gives you some idea of the breadth and complexity of the role itself. It also highlights career choices you can make as ou develop professionally. And thirdly it shows where your skills are clusterred and where (or who) you can go to enhance or complement them.

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