6 February 2008


You can draw useful lessons from a variety of places. Back when I was an undergraduate student, amongst other things, I studied politics. One of the discussions we had was whether Australia should adopt a bill of rights.

Many readers will instantly jump to the conclusion that of course a bill of rights is an excellent thing, as it protects the rights of the citizens, and especially those from minority and disenfranchised groups.

Well, there are arguments both for and against a bill of rights. A summary of some of the arguments can be read here.

How does this relate to requirements management?
For a start, it's a warning to think through your assumptions, but that is pretty obvious and you don't need to be reminded of that (today).

The point I wanted to suggest is more specific; when defining requirements and designing solutions, be aware that if you entrench certain rights for users - in either systems or processes - you may be forcing them into a mode of operation that someday in the future will fail the business and the customers.

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