7 February 2008

Cinda Voegtli: Executive Views on PMs

Cinda, founder of the Project Connextions website has wriiten an article on the perspectives of executive 'customers' of prject managers.

The leader for the article;

"You know how to do status reports. You're confident about your scheduling and work breakdown skills. You have the methodology binder memorized. You know what you're doing, and you're pretty good at doing it. Would it surprise you if your executive "customers" aren't really all that concerned about it?"

I enjoyed the article because it mirrored my view on how project should be run.

That is; you have a business client/customer and you are there to service their need. Technology solutions that do more or less than that are not the nest solution.

The best way to make sure you are aligned with their need and expectations is to talk with them. And as you run your project, keep talking to them to make sure you are on track.

It sounds simple to say it, doesn't it?

Read her article here.

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