17 January 2008

Raven's Brain > Insights on Agile

A new feature of this blog for 2008 is going to be more interaction with other bloggers.

Today I read a post at Raven's Brain espousing the greatness of Agile and I was wound up enough to rant in her comments. It is partly replicated below.

I actually recommend the blog to all people interested in project management. It has consitent quality posts and is worth reading and even subscribing. I have included it in my regular list of reads and it is in this blog's blogroll.

Anyway, part of my rant is below. Go to the original post to see the context here.

Raven quotes Steve McConnell:

"...they utterly fail to acknowledge the inherent uncertainty and variation that cannot be removed by "up front" attempts at perfectly stable project plans and/or product requirements..."

Really, in my experience (mainly PMI or Prince2 formal project management environments) I have rarely, if ever, seen a project be so rigid that it can't allow for change.

This whole Agile is the way to manage uncerainty and change is beginning to get my goat. Agile may have strengths, but so do other styles of pm, and they all address the need to manage uncertainty and to accomodate change explicity.

If you are turing to agile because of this particular reason, it's not because the traditional methods are flawed. It's because you are have weaknesses that can be managed more simply by some skills development.

So there you go. One of my views on Agile.


  1. Anonymous6:11 am

    Hi Craig - Thanks for commenting on my post. I didn't take it as a rant against me personally as you were simply expressing your opinions on an agile post I had referenced. I responded to your comment at my blog and won't repeat it here, other than to say I agree with you 200% that no project should be totally rigid and unprepared for change. Change happens and as project mangers we need to be prepared for it. So - Thanks for raising that point :)