11 January 2008

Here comes 2008

2007 was a big year for this blog. I actually started it in 2005, but it was the beginning of this year that it became a bona-fide blog on projects.

Business analysis became a stronger and stronger part of the mix as the year went on. I became a PM via the BA role and I have some strong views on how important the role is for the success of projects. Naturally it is part of how I view project management and effective project delivery. I am not alone and the people at the IIBA and other organisations have put in a great deal of effort in sharing knowledge and expertise so that the role can evolve into a profession.

In 2008 this site will continue to explore and discuss the role of the business analyst, with a focus on the keys to effectiveness. I will also continue to share what I learn about project management. (Just because the degree is over doesn’t mean we stop learning.) The focus of the project management content will follow the same theme of looking at the issues that contribute to or hamper effectiveness.

I have also started writing regularly at a number of other sites. This will continue to be the home of my writings, but I will be trying to keep each article unique and specific to the audience of the particular site I have written for. I’ll post links from this site to those articles.

As for the content of this site; I have some ideas about site redesign and about a more structured approach to content. I’ll see how I go, but one of the joys of blogging is that you are firing off short roughly thought out ideas rather than following a particular format. It’s akin to cooking without a menu. It is easier and basically it takes less time that a more planned approach.

This is a PM site though…

In case you are interested; I published 180 items in 2007 and have something around 80 email subscribers. I doubt I’ll maintain the same pace this year. But don’t be surprised if it does end up at that volume. Blogging is addictive and sometimes I just get carried away. (If you are a regular reader and don’t like being bombarded by daily updates I recommend subscribing to the weekly update via Feedblitz.)

2008 is shaping up to be another busy year. Let’s see what we can learn about delivering good projects together.

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