17 January 2008

Business Analyst BOKs

Did you know that there are several documents that are described as Bodies of Knowledge that business analysts should be aware of.

In alphabetical order:
  • BABOK - Business Analysts Body of Knowledge, by the IIBA
  • G2SEBoK - Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge, by INCOSE
  • NPDBOK - New Product Developmet Body of Knowledge, by NPD Solutions
  • SWEBOK - Software Engineer's Body of Knowledge, by IEEE Computer Society
(Thanks Barbara for making me aware of the G2SE.)
And of course there are the Project Management BOKs which have a wider profile, especially the PMI one.
Lastly Kerber has offerred up a draft version of an Enterprise Architecture BOK.
He has also asked the very good question "How do we keep up with all this knowledge?" Apart from being a blogging and project geek, are there any suggestions out there?

Update 17 Jan 09:  Loretta Smith writes an article for ModernAnalyst on the DMBOK - the Data Modelling Body of Knowledge.

Picture originally publised hereby Rafael Lopes


  1. Those two BoKs are calling my attention as a BA too:

    - Usability Bok

    - EABOK: The Guide to the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge

    I´ll eventually read them all, but how do we organize all that information in order to be better professionals?

    To consider everything at the same time is beyond the capabilities of the average brain (mine for example), so I believe we should choose some to pay more attention too.

    Any suggestion about who should we pay more attention in order to become better BAs?

  2. Yes, So much reading to do! Maybe an information archiect could help us out by sorting through it all.

    I'll put my money on the IIBA's BABOK. Not becasue it is the best, but because it looks like it will grow to bethe most influential.

    Thanks for the extra link. I'll add it to the main post.

  3. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Hi, my name is Rafael Lopes, everything fine?
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    Can you please put the link to my flickr on it? I would apreciate.
    Thank you for your cooperation.


  4. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Thanks Rafael. Sorry I missed the original credit.