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17 January 2008

Business Analyst BOKs

Did you know that there are several documents that are described as Bodies of Knowledge that business analysts should be aware of.

In alphabetical order:
  • BABOK - Business Analysts Body of Knowledge, by the IIBA
  • G2SEBoK - Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge, by INCOSE
  • NPDBOK - New Product Developmet Body of Knowledge, by NPD Solutions
  • SWEBOK - Software Engineer's Body of Knowledge, by IEEE Computer Society
(Thanks Barbara for making me aware of the G2SE.)
And of course there are the Project Management BOKs which have a wider profile, especially the PMI one.
Lastly Kerber has offerred up a draft version of an Enterprise Architecture BOK.
He has also asked the very good question "How do we keep up with all this knowledge?" Apart from being a blogging and project geek, are there any suggestions out there?

Update 17 Jan 09:  Loretta Smith writes an article for ModernAnalyst on the DMBOK - the Data Modelling Body of Knowledge.

Picture originally publised hereby Rafael Lopes