24 January 2008

2007 Best Practices in Change Management

Prosci, the organisation that run the website http://www.change-management.com/ and the people who publish the ADKAR change management framework. They recently published the results of an international survey into organisational change management.

426 people from 59 countries participated and the result gives an international cross industry view of what is going on with the change management aspect of projects.

A couple of key things from the report;
  • In general more time and money is being allocated to change management
  • Practitioners usually feel like they didn’t plan enough, and if they could go back in time would spend more effort here
  • The support of the sponsor continues to be a critical factor
There is more. You can read the executive summary at their website here.

If you would like a deeper discussion on the contents you can contact the Prosci consultants via their website.

Alternately you can contact me to discuss the full contents of the report and what issues your organisation or project faces via the email link on the right hand side of this page.

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