12 November 2007

Yourdon's Top 10 Software Engineering Issues

I picked up the below slideshow care of Ed Yourdon's site.
The slideshow accompanies one of Ed's presentations on the key areas to focus on in the foreseeable future. In amongst it all there should be at least one or two ideas that get you thinking about how you can improve your projects.

A shortlist of the top ten issues to manage for better projects.

  1. You can’t control what you can’t measure
  2. Peopleware
  3. Incrementalism
  4. Iteration
  5. Repair costs
  6. Tradeoffs are non-linear
  7. Reuse is important
  8. Risk management provides insights
  9. Consistency trumps brilliance + death-march
  10. Don’t reinvent the wheel

What does it all mean? One of the key themes for me was the recurrance of the human aspects of project mangement - managing people and managing change.

Watch the slideshow, click through to the links. Come back here and share your thoughts with me.

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