11 November 2007

Want to Shine as a Business Analyst or Systems Analyst?

Modern Analyst is one of the best resources for business analysts and systems analysts on the web today. I want to share some information about it with you.

Early this year I made the online acquaintance of Adrian Marchis, a manager of a team of systems analysts in Los Angeles. Adrian had blogged a few posts on the topic of requirements analysis and business analysis and I had come across them when browsing for topics for this site.

Since then he has started up an excellent website resource for business analysts at Modernanalyst.com. I liked what he is doing so much I have become an active member of his site. Go there and you'll see my name all over the discussion boards.

If you are a business analyst or systems analyst I highly recommend you visit Modern Analyst - and sign up as a member. It has a stack of features for both beginners and experts. Unlike many other profession based community sites it is free to join. (It also has it's own Facebook community)

And it is a community. It's a place for senior analysts to share their knowledge and skills with others. It's a place for people to share new ideas about the roles and the work. Juniors can come, ask questions and learn more about the role and grow in their competency.

By the way - If you are experienced and are wondering what a site like this has for you, the best way to stretch your skills is to teach others - it's amazing how this makes you reflect and improve what you think you are already doing well.

The site's features list includes
  • The ability for members to start their own blogs with a built in niche audience of analysts,
  • An active discussion forum with loads of content from tips on how to get that first BA job, getting through interviews and specific tips on skills and getting things done.
  • One of the discussion threads is currently hosting a requirements management role-play with junior analysts doing the requirements elicitation, and with Adrian acting as the client and coach, giving feedback along the way
  • A library of topical articles collected from around the web including both magazine style and serious peer reviewed academic articles on the topics of requirements management and analysis.

There are more features, but that's enough from me. It's only a click away for you to take your own tour of the site. Go now and join if you like it. Let me know what you think.

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