14 November 2007


You have to know the jargon to be in with the in-crowd. Here is an oldie but a goodie;

What's your favorite jargon term?


  1. Here we have one that we constantly relate to:

    "Programação orientada à gambiarra" or in english, something like: "Improvisation-oriented programming".

    It´s when someone improvises in the code not orienting the programming to objects, but to "gambiarras", a way to call improvisation in Brazilian Portuguese.

    It´s so strong here that it has it´s own wikipedia article: http://www.wikipedia.org.br/wiki/POG

    Do you have anything like this in English or we are the only ones to improvise sometimes? I guess not :)

  2. We have in Holland: JBF... which stands for Jan Boere Fluitjes. Which literally means: Jan The Farmer Whistler. Which means wing it, doing things without plan, shooting from the hip etc.

  3. I like: SAPWAGI

    Severely Annoying Person With a Good Idea

    Just a reminder that not all good ideas come from comfortable places.

    Leader 4 Success

  4. Jeffrey, SAPWAGI really happens a lot but we didn´t have a jargon for that so far, thanks, it will be very useful.

    The translation would look like "PECCUBI" (sounds good).

    "Pessoa extremamente chata com uma boa idéia."

  5. Elizabeth Harrin's website introduced me to OTOBOS

    On Time, On Budget, On Schedule.

  6. Finally something positive.

    Let´s fight not to have a "OTOBOSIYD":

    On Time, On Budget, On Schedule... In Your Dreams!

    Kerber ITBA
    Analista de Negócios

  7. CUA was Common User Access, which spawned GUI (Graphical User Interface), but there was also a version for non-graphical user interfaces... CHUI(! Character based user Interface)

  8. CHUI
    aka Han Solo's sidekick