13 November 2007

The Fundamentals of Business Analysis

This is an interesting diagram isn't it?

Guy Bueachamp of Business Analyst Solutions has written a short article called The Fundamentals of Business Analysis and posted it at Modern Analyst. In it he proposes a structured framework to ensure requirements are valid, based upon the relationship between the projects objective, planned benefits and scope.

I have copied one of the diagrams from the article to get you interested. Go take a look.

It also has an interesting comparison between the roles of business analysts and architects (from the construction industry.)


  1. Hey Craig, you know how to tease. There was no way of not downloading the full article after seeing it.

    This diagram is interesting. Reminds me those diagrams from EPBE (Eriksson-Penker Business Extensions) linking strategy to objectives to processes to resources and to rules, but this is better for me because it focuses our role in this process.

    The part about the risks really got me concerned because I believe they exist, but over here (South Brazil) I don´t feel they are so huge.

    Actually, the situation is so bad that the only way is to improve, and it´s not being hard to convince people of the importance of a good business analysis for IT projects.

  2. One important thing that this diagram fails to illustrate is 'Business Value'. Every requirement has a requirement benefit but may not deliver any business value.