17 July 2007

A carnival of business analysts

I have started to submit articles to the Carnival of Project Management at A Girl's Guide to Project Management. It's a monthly round-up of on-topic articles by various bloggers posted at the one spot.

This blog covers project management and business analysis, and so I thought I might start a Carnival of Business Analysts. I'll try to keep this going on a monthly basis.

If you are one of the many insightful bloggers on business analysis why not click through and offer up an article.

Submit an article to the Carnival of Business Analysts.

Here are some guidelines for submisions, lifted pretty muich right out of The Girl's Guide blog.
  • Be relevant to the topic of business analysis; the focus is on the type of business anlaysis associated with projects and change management, not so much on pure financial analsis
  • One post per author per edition; If you have lots of good posts you can spread them over multiple editions.
  • Add a short introduction to your article when submitting; This will appear on the carnival as the intro to your article.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:47 am

    Hi Craig
    If you want to host the Carnival of Project Management one month, just let me know. I hope the Carnival of Business Analysts takes off - I'm sure it will!