31 July 2007

A Carnival of Business Analysts #1

Welcome to the July 31, 2007 and first edition of the Carnival of Business Analysts.

I have decided to present this issue around conversations on the role of a business analyst, and what the role is about. The posts also include a couple of examples of what a BA is not. Read on, and I hope you find this series of articles useful.

The role of the Business Analyst

CraigBrown presents What "Architecture" Is Notposted at Technology Architecture & Projects, saying, "Robert McIlree has a post on what an Enterprise Architect is not – and his list includes the business analyst."

CraigBrown presents Who owns Business Analysts? posted at Competitive Excellence through Business Process Management, saying, "Vinayak Khadye asks "Who should own these Business Analysts - Business Functions or IT?"

CraigBrown presents Business Analyst Profit Center posted at Tyner Blain, saying, "Scott Sehlhorst writes about some of the challenges that face business analysts while they remain characterised as a cost centre."

CraigBrown presents Defining the BA Role posted at BA Insight, saying, "An article by Kevin Brennan of the IIBA commenting on the BABOK’s definition of a business analyst."

CraigBrown presents Business Analyst Job Description posted at Jonathan Babock, saying, "Jonathan Babcock addresses the question “What is a business analyst” in a post about BA job descriptions."

CraigBrown presents What is a Business Analyst? posted at Portrait of a Business Analyst, saying, "Rajeev Singh has written his view of what a business analyst is."

CraigBrown presents Business Analyst Definition posted at Marios Alexandrou, saying, "Marios Alexandrou provides a definition of a business analyst at his site. His site also has an example BA job description if you are interested in digging deeper"

CraigBrown presents The BA Career – A Multi Faceted Opportunity accidental business analyst posted at The accidental business analyst, saying, "Opinions about the opportunities a career as a BA presents"

CraigBrown presents How to Plan a Career posted at Software Project Management, saying, "Some insight into career planning from a while ago. While not specifically on the analyst role, it does address the need to plan your career."

CraigBrown presents A framework for defining competencies for business systems analysts posted at Modern Analyst, saying, "A managers view of the skill and competencies you need to be a BA from a manager’s point of view"

CraigBrown presents “So, you want to be a BA?” posted at B2B Training, saying, "A blog post on getting your first BA role, called “So, you want to be a BA?”


Scott Sehlhorst introduced me to an article at RQNG on the topic of What is a Business Analyst with some solid tips on how to present to a recruiter. If you are in the market, take a look at this article. You might also want to read the discussion thread attached.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of business analysts using our carnival submission form.

Next month the theme will be: The Business Analyst and Quality.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

As you can see, most - well, okay, all - of these posts are presented by me from blogs that I regularly read.

It turned out that most of the contributors were people promoting home based business, or using their financial modelling tool for your investment plan. Just more examples of people not reading the guidelines (and learning the requirements.)

I’ll host another Carnival of Business Analysts at the last weekend of August, and I have also propose a theme to help you bloggers pick an old post to dust off.


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