7 June 2007

Screwing Performance Reviews?

Pawell Brodzinski, an IT project management blogger from Poland, wrote a blog post lamenting annual performance reviews a few weeks ago.

Today I dicoverred an excellent article from the Harvard Business Review (Kohn 1993) proposing that they are counter productive. It's called "Why Incentive Plans Cannot Work" and you can read it here. It's appended by responses from industry experts which gives the whole peice a good all-round point of view.

In my reading I have yet to come across a better summary of the value of incentive based pay. If you are a manager and about to kick off your performance review process I highy recommend reading this article.

I also researched my way to another article called MONSTER - Monitoring Satisfaction To Ensure Retention.

What's neat about this article is that it applies the Kano quality framework to the idea of job performance and reward. As I was reading the Kohn article my mind kept flicking across to the same ideas; that sure money counts, but is more of a basic requirements than a reason to get excited about work.

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