4 June 2007

Salary Survey for project workers

MichaelPage publishes a Salary Survey for Australia’s IT industry each year. It has recently been published again.

Salaries range from $65k to $115 for business analysts and $90-150K for project managers. Programme managers can score $180k.

A couple of trends – on average you’ll get less as a business analyst in the banking industry but you will get more as a project manager. You'll also earn more in Sydney, but no surprises there.

The survey also includes other IT and project roles.

Read about it.


  1. Anonymous10:18 pm

    First of all, thank you very much for doing a BA blog.

    I like development more than been a BA, and my education has based mainly on programming. Would you recommend me to switch to a role that is more technical than a BA?

    (below is just a lit background of mine, please ignore if it is too lengthy for you.)

    I am kinda new to BA, just graduated 11 month ago, and been a BA since. Your experiences and this blog will bring me so much values in the further, if i continue in my current role. Cheers.

    Just finish reading the survey. It seems that BA, as a non-technical IT role, don't get payed as much as the technical ones such as Enterprise/Solution Architects.

    I did a Degree in Computer Science, and enjoys doing development more then been a BA, but took the BA job for various reasons.

    My performance review is coming up very soon, and I thought it may be a good chance for me to change my role to do something i enjoy more (and according to the the survey, pays more in the further). Since I work for a fairly large non-profit organization, I would imagine this shouldn't be very difficult.

  2. Casla

    Thanks for the comments and thanks for reading.

    In response to would I recommend you change from programmer to BA?
    The answer is that it’s really up to you. The role of the BA is very rewarding, but it is also challenging. Among the positive things about the role there are negatives. For example, you are the one that has to deal with uncertainty and politics within the organisation. Only the Project Manager will know your pain as they have the same issues.

    You also have to consider whether you are ready to move. If you are really enjoying programming, why change? Do what you love and the rewards follow. There are certainly opportunities for developers to grow their rewards and kudos; by working on bigger projects, by leading development teams and coaching juniors. And there is a certain reward that comes from delivering a completed piece of code that has been done well. The BA struggles to attain these rewards as they are often dealing with the intangibles and uncertainties of the project. Many times they have moved on before the rewards of the project are apparent.

    But, again – the rewards are there. You are the face to the operational business teams. You are the one they see as bringing in their solutions and solving their problems. And if you aspire to project management this is a very god step to take.

    I guess another point of view is that the BA activities and skills are useful in a range of jobs and just because you aren’t called a BA doesn’t mean you can’t develop those skills. They are, after all, very useful and transferable to many other roles.

    (And on your pint re architects - a new role is emerging which as a business architect which is a development of the BA role – it looks at business process infrastructure and its across IT systems. It is new so hasn’t really hit the salary surveys yet. Expect it to be relative to Enterprise architect roles like BAs are to lead developers.)

    Good luck, and thanks again for coming by. I hope you continue to get value from my writings

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  4. Ah thanks so much Craig! I didn't think you would take the time to reply me so thoughtfully.

    I think I will stay on my BA role for now, and just do some development in my own time to retain my skill.

    Oh by the way now, I have a proper blogger account :)