30 June 2007

David I Cleland

Occasionally I publish a post on an influential person from project, information technology, management academia or industries. They are provided as starting points for further reading.

Today’s subject is Dr David I Cleland.

One of his areas of expertise is connecting project management and strategy. That is, how you can best achieve your strategic objectives through projects. It seems fundamental to the task these days, doesn’t it? Once upon a time it was a novel concept.

If you are involved in high end enterprise architecture, strategic planning or even setting up or improving a project office you should read this man’s work. Dr. Cleland is the author or editor of 39 books on project management, engineering management and manufacturing management; he is the most published author of PM textbooks in the world.

Dr Cleland has been so influential that the PMI established the David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award in 1997 in his honour. The award is given for recognise the best written contribution to the project management industry.

Here are some of the books and papers he has written. Take a tour of his work and be better informed.

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