16 June 2007

Ethics in project management

An interruption to the normal broadcast.

I was just at Seth Godin’s blog where he has posted an article about ethics in marketing.

It got me thinking that you should apply the same principles to your project work. Have you even quit a job or changed a project’s direction because of the ethics involved. Have you thought about your values and how they align with your job?

The PMI has a standard for ethics that you sign up to when you join. Here’s a top level summary.

Member Code of Ethics:
As a professional in the field of project management, PMI members pledge to uphold and abide by the following:
  • I will maintain high standards of integrity and professional conduct
  • I will accept responsibility for my actions
  • I will continually seek to enhance my professional capabilities
  • I will practice with fairness and honesty
  • I will encourage others in the profession to act in an ethical and professional manner

You can (ad should) read the full PMI ethical standards here. But you shouldn't stop there. Ethics extend beyond your professional relationships to your relationship with your community and the world at large.

You should take time to reflect on what your values and ethics are and how they affect your professional decicions. They are yours and you control them and how you applythem, but you should know them.

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