7 June 2007

Better Brainstorming Sessions

“Projects are a series of unfortunate events.”

I love this quote. If anyone can tell me where it came from please leave a comment.

When you deal with projects you are dealing with problems. Not just the problem (or opportunity) that the project sets out to rectify, but the many problems that come up along the way to do with misunderstandings, bad estimates, unexpected discoveries and so on.

Project workers need problem solving tools and one of the most popular is brainstorming. It’s conceptually simple, easy to implement and quick to yield results.

This week the people at Change This published a paper on improving your Brainstorming sessions through better management. If you want to learn more follow the link at the bottom of this post.

Summary: Brainstorming is a powerful tool, if used correctly, but just like any power tool, you must read the manual, follow instructions and use the thing correctly…or you’re wasting time. Randah Taher presents 10 guidelines to optimizing the power of brainstorming.



  1. Unfortunately - many folks are OK running the projects as if they are a series of unfortunate events.

    However, in my opinion, projects run better if they are a series of fortunate (planned) events. The unfortunate events should be the exception not the norm.


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  2. Anonymous4:18 pm

    True true. Things are improving all the time, but sometimes it just seems like history repeating itself.