1 May 2007

Is PRINCE2 better than PMBOK?

Is PRINCE2 better than PMBOK? Max Wideman, former president and chairman on the PMI, has compared these two leading project management frameworks.

His bottom line assessment is that PRINCE2 and the PMBOK suit different purposes. PRINCE2 is a useful guidebook for managing a project. It provides a process and framework to operate a project. The PMBOK is a good framework for learning about projects and provides a foundation for dealing with a diverse range of project types. Both frameworks have assumptions and implications inherent to them that bring particular strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the day Max suggests they are complementary, and if you have studied (and used) both you will know more than if you have studied (and used) only one.

Max’s article is here – well worth a read for anyone considering Project Management certification.


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  2. thanks Yasas

    Prince2 is another variation on the theme. It comes out of the UK (as does Morris who i posted about a few days after this) and there really is a whole different view of project management in that country to the US.

    Here in Australia both methods/frameworks are equally popular.

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