3 April 2007

Requirements Management; Walk the RM trail

Browsing the internet for ideas to post on this week I discovered this website about requirements management; Managing Requirements by Ludwic Consulting Services LLC.

It is an IT focused site that provides good definitions, case studies of requirements gone wrong and a neat “Walk the RM trail” guided tour of the Requirements Management process.

Later this month I will be posting some more information on requirements management and think this site will provide a good counterpoint to my more broadly focused “business requirements” approach.
Source: http://www.jiludwig.com/


  1. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Even on smaller projects, I've found that getting everyone to understand and agree on requirements a challenge, especially when dealing with complex business rules. Lots of requirements management tools are expensive, but Infogenium Software has recently posted a public pre-release version of EdgeRM, which is targeted at small teams. You can find out more at http://infogenium.typepad.com .

  2. Thanks Andre. good luck with your venture. Requirements tools are great ideas but it seems people don't really pick them up and use them much.