17 April 2007

RATER: Assurance

Do you have the right knowledge and skills to deliver the service you promised? Do you show respect for your customers? Do you convey trust and confidence?

Assurance is about inspiring trust and confidence in your clients and customers. It is all about making people comfortable with you and your work. You can do this through demonstrating knowledge and courtesy in your interactions with your client, the project team and stakeholders and your suppliers.

Everybody talks to each other and the more people you can have saying positive things about you and your work, the more trust and assurance you will build. You want that trust and assurance so you can get on with the job and so you can run your projects with less interference.

I say trust and assurance because you build assurance through trust. You can get that trust through referrals from third parties and through the way you interact with people.

When you buy a car you take it to a mechanic you trust to check it first. When you sign on to a new mobile phone deal you ask your friends which deal is best. You are taking guidance from people you trust and that trust is then placed into the company that’s providing new thing you are buying

You can also build trust by the way you interact with your colleagues and clients. You can do this by showing up on time, doing a good job and pitching in to help others. Take a proactive approach to your work and the people you work with; whenever you can go the extra few steps that leave people impressed.

Demonstrating a good service ethic is really useful in developing trust at the workplace and getting others to vouch for your reliability. Enlist the people you work with to become your advocates. A referral from a trusted source is your pathway to building assurance.

Deliver on your promises. Leave a trail of happy clients.

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