9 March 2007

Marketing Projects: Internal Marketing

How can implementing marketing principles into project management improve project’s performance?

Professor George Day writes about how marketing competency can link originations’ capabilities to create customer value. He asserts that this occurs through the marketing attributes of ‘sensing, customer linking, and channel bonding.’ Customers are linked to the internal competencies of the marketing organisation, or in our case the project management organisation and that’s how they extract value out of the relationship.

While a project team may be fine at delivering to specification it takes an awareness of the customer’s needs and wants, an ongoing relationship with them. The project also needs an agreement from the customer that the relationship with the project is one they value and to want to maintain at least for the duration of the project.

This aligns with Project Management literature that says the relationship with the client/sponsor/stakeholders is key to success in so many various ways, from open sponsor support to general stakeholder buy-in and acceptance of the change.

To improve chances of success the project should be building their relationship with all people who have influence in how the project outcome is perceived. This includes the frontline staff, stakeholders, and middle management as well as the sponsor/client.

Marketing your project to these audiences before you are ready to “go live” should improve their perceptions of success, even rasing the organisation’s level of desire.

I will end this discussion here (for now) with a link to an article on internal marketing for IT departments. Have a read and consider whether the points discussed could be applied to your project.

The Secret Weapon: Internal Marketing
It's the best kept secret for success: Marketing IT's achievements will boost its credibility, create transparency and might even help win instant approval for your next $2 million project.
By Alice Dragoon

Reference: George S Day, (1994) ‘The capabilities of market-driven organisations’ Journal of Marketing Chicago, (Oct 1994) Vol 58, Iss 4, pg 37, 16pgs

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  1. An upfront identification of business goals and how the proposed project/product will meet the goals is also helpful to market the project internally. This, however, should ensure that the metrics to measure the outcome of business goals has to be agreed upon with the sponsor/stakeholders and middle management.