1 March 2007

Marketing Projects: Project Management helps fulfil marketing strategies, right?

I am following up on my suspicion that applying marketing principles could improve project success rates.

So far I have put forward the proposition that projects almost run as businesses these days and if marketing is good for businesses it should also be good for projects.

I have also searched around to see if the idea has already been addressed in the academic world and have been unable to find anything specific to the topic.

With this in mind I thought I should go back and ask the basic question of what is marketing and where does it fit into modern business?

In the 50’s and 60’s marketing was a method of improving a businesses products with the end aim of beating out the competition and selling more units. The basic idea was framed around understanding what the customer wanted or valued and building to their demands.

Things have evolved and in the 80’s and 90’s marketing all but dominated the strategy of businesses. Marketing has reached deep into organisations at all levels, from creating intrepreneurs and internal professional service organisations to developing improved supply chains and CRM systems to acquisitions and joint ventures.

Marketing brings the voice of the customer to strategic planning, and that aligning your value proposition with something that customers want makes your business more viable.

Almost all parts of a large modern organisation’s structure, systems and processes are designed to fit together as part of an overall marketing strategy. Marketing is now core to what these businesses do.

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