5 March 2007

Marketing Projects: Marketing via Project Management

I am looking at the relationship between marketing and project management. It’s my assumption that applying marketing principles to project management could help projects achieve greater success rates.

In my previous post I took a moment to reflect on what marketing is today, and where it sits in an organisation. The answer I can up with is that marketing is core to what modern business is about.

Today I want to look at how project management supports modern marketing organisations.

These days these internal capabilities that support marketing strategies are usually developed and introduced via projects. Examples include the introduction of sophisticated data warehouses, CRM systems and so forth. Project management brings organisations improved ability to acieve their marketing objectives.

As an organisation transforms through projects it builds project management capability. Organisations with a high project management capability usually run many projects. In order to more efficiently align these projects with business strategy they are often grouped into programmes of work. (De Reyk et al, 2005.)

So projects are tools that are used to achieve a business’s marketing strategies. And those marketing strategies are tools also. they are about the organisation changing to make itself and its products as attractive as possible to customers and potential customers.

Project management brings order and discipline to the change process. Given many organisations often unstructured and non-strategic strategies, project management and programme management can assist in achieving successful outcomes.

Project management is an effective framework for planning and managing change through the delivery of improved business systems, new tools and modifications or organisational structure. These changes are planned and executed with a view to meeting or anticipating customer demands, competitor innovation or other risks and opportunities.

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